Organizing exhibitions, conferences, festivals, workshops, meetings and management needs:

Determine the appropriate location

Communicate with the parties and personalities concerned with the event

Equip the necessary tools for the event

Provide supporting materials for the event

Management of advertising and marketing of the event

Preparing the final reports

Public Relations

Implement public relations needs through

Flight bookings

Internal transportation and transportation

Hotel reservations

Reception and hospitality

Issuing the necessary visas


Prepare a marketing plan and identify the target groups of the public and implement them through the following channels:

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Snape chat, YouTube)

Classified SMS service

Classified email

Reception and hospitality

Media channels (TV, radio, satellite channels, newspapers and magazines,

Registration and ticketing services

Planning and managing the registration and ticketing process through:

Electronic platform to sell tickets and determine the target numbers

Programming for registration and prepaid links

Self-service machines and automatic payment 4. Printers for tickets

Barcode reader devices

Interrupts of the audience

Registration and ticketing team (programmers - operating technicians - men-women reception team)

Card printing and comments

Final reports and remittances

Information and Documentation

Preparing media plans and documenting the units in terms of:

Publishing in media channels

Working news coverage

Media production of the event

Visual and printed documentation

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