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3D Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the art and science of projecting onto objects rather than a flat surface. Referred to as “projection mapping” or “video mapping.” A stunning, almost “magical” appearance is the end result.

As a result, 3D projection mapping considers the shape and contours of your projected surface, unlike 2D projection mapping. Projection on flat surfaces like screens and walls is 2D, while 3D is a projection of 3D objects. By warping content with software, 3D can produce mind-bending effects.

It has greater effects on object recognition and memory than 2D projection mapping. 3D project mapping systems outperform 2D project mapping systems in terms of long-term ROI. It is also much more expensive than 2D and takes much longer to create than 2D.

It’s possible to use 2D mapping to create massive visual displays that span entire walls in your venue. On the other hand, 3D projection can twist content with controlled software as pictures take physical form. This technology can add inanimate objects to your stage and create illusions around your guests.

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